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The Unforgiveable Sins of Kelly Loeffler

Jan 6, 2021

Kelly Loeffler was a businesswoman and WNBA team co-owner first. She became a politician second, by appointment to the U.S. Senate for the state of Georgia. Her opposition to the league backing the players’ dedication of the 2020 season to social justice was viewed widely as a political stunt to appeal to her voting base. The players, while supporting the #SayHerName campaign and seeking justice for Breonna Taylor, kicked Loeffler where it counts — right in the middle of her political ambitions.
By supporting her rival, Rev. Raphael Warnock, the players gave Warnock’s campaign a boost that helped him win enough votes in November to force a runoff election, which he won in historic fashion on Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2021, becoming the first Black person to represent Georgia as a senator.
Now that Loeffler has been voted out of the Senate seat she was never voted into in the first place, does this mean she returns to WNBA ownership as if nothing ever happened? Unlikely, if the players have anything to do with it, because many of Loeffler’s “sins” during the election cycle reflect a racist ideology that runs counter to what most players in the WNBA stand for and, therefore, are unforgiveable. 
Cavorting with known white supremacists at rallies should have been enough to force Loeffler’s banishment from the league, just as Donald Sterling was ousted from the NBA following the disclosure of his history of making racist statements. Since that didn’t happen, it looks like LeBron James might be ready to step up and relieve the WNBA of its #KKKelly problem.

Photo courtesy of LeBron James via Twitter