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      With corporate media entities steadfastly tethered to profit-chasing, and thus, to upholding dysfunctional but revenue-driving institutional norms, the need for independent journalism has never been greater. Budget cuts, skeletal staffing, and systemic hiring disparities in mainstream media guarantee bias in terms of which stories get told, and by whom, and with what level of follow-up. Thus, some of the industry’s most committed and brightest journalistic minds across the spectrum of established and emerging beats have turned to independent reporting to ensure important stories see the light of day — with or without an institutional stamp of approval and usually without pay. Tamryn is among them: researching and writing in the public interest, independently, rather than praying for a green light that never comes. If a particular “screen” resonated with you, or if you value her work generally, please leave a tip, write a testimonial, buy some merch, or set up a monthly donation.