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2021 WNBA All-Star Ballot: An Arike, a Plum and two Courtneys in the backcourt

Jun 30, 2021

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By Tamryn Spruill

There are enough talented women’s basketball players in the U.S. to double or triple the size of the WNBA at any time.

In 2021, however, the league remains home to just 12 teams (for 144 total roster spots). Of the currently active players, 12 were named to the USA Basketball women’s national team heading to the Tokyo Olympics later this month and another dozen will be named 2021 WNBA All-Stars. Thus, just one-sixth of the league gets to experience these honors though so many more are worthy.

The 2021 #WNBAAllStars will be announced on Wednesday June 30 at 3 p.m. ET on ESPN’s The Jump, with Rachel Nichols. I was invited to cast a ballot as a member of the national media pool that makes up 25% of the vote. (Players get 25% of the vote; fans get 50% of the vote; and coaches make the final voting decisions, though they are not permitted to vote for their own players.)

Instructed to select six frontcourt players and four backcourt players (not already named to the Olympic team), I based my decisions on my own viewing of almost every game this season and player stats, with heavy consideration given to the overall impact of players on their respective teams.


My 2021 WNBA All-Star Ballot


Photo courtesy of Tamryn Spruill

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